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Q. Do I need to make an appointment to make funeral arrangements?
A.  While we do accept walk-ins, we recommend that you call ahead to make an appointment to ensure that a funeral director is available.

Q. Can a funeral be pre-planned? 
A. Yes.  The funeral home will keep record of all information obtained during the pre-arrangement interview.

 Q. If I prearrange a funeral, must I prepay it as well?
A.  No.  Payment is not required for a prearrangement.  If you do choose to prepay, you have the option of paying the balance in installments.

Q. What procedure should be followed if a death occurs while away from home? 
A. Contact your local funeral director. He/she will make the necessary arrangements for the return of the deceased person to their community and co-ordinate the services.

Q. What procedure should be followed if a death occurs at home?
A.  If the death is unexpected, call 911 immediately and take direction from the First Response Team.  If it is a planned death at home, contact the physician involved in the care of your loved one.

Q. Is it possible to arrange for a service outside of Thunder Bay? 
A. Yes.  Additional fees for transport may be applicable.

Q. What is the least expensive service offered? 
A. We offer a basic service called direct disposition.  This service involves the facilitation of cremation or burial, without any additional services.

Q. What is the difference between a funeral home and a transfer service? 
A. A funeral home is permitted to assist with all aspects of funeral services related to a death. A transfer service can only offer direct disposition. 

Q. Is cremation less expensive than burial? 
A. Not necessarily. Many factors influence cost, such as what types of services and merchandise are selected.

Q. If cremation is chosen, can I still see my loved one beforehand? 
A. Yes. You may have a visitation and funeral service with the body present, followed by cremation.  Another option is to have a private family viewing prior to the cremation.

Q. Is a casket necessary for cremation? 
A. Yes.  A person must be placed in a combustible casket or cremation container, which is placed in its entirety in the cremation retort.

Q. Once cremation has taken place, what options are there for disposition of the remains? 

A. Some families choose to inter the remains in a cemetery or columbarium, while others choose to bring the remains home and choose their method of disposition at a later time.

Q. Is there a fee for the clergy? 
A. It is suggested to give an honorarium to the clergy especially if the family has no church connections. In Thunder Bay the fee ranges from $100.00 -$250.00. Certain clergy have set fees. 

Q.  If a family does not have a specific clergy person for a service, is there someone that you can contact to officiate? 
A. Yes.  We have a selection of clergy persons who are willing to officiate for those who have no connections to his/her church.

Q. How much do cemetery plots cost? 
A. The prices of plots vary depending on the cemetery and the type of plot.  In addition to the cost of the plot, the cemeteries charge a fee for opening/closing the graves. 

Q. What should I say to a grieving family member?

A. Depending on your relationship with the family, you may have to first identify yourself and your relationship to the deceased.  You can convey your sympathy and if fitting, talk about fond memories with that person and offer kind words.

Q.  Besides personal visits, in what other ways can I show expressions of condolence?
A.  There are many ways to show the family that you are thinking of them in their time of need.  Some examples are flowers, food, charitable donations, sympathy cards, phone calls, emails and online condolences.

Q.  Do I need an invitation to attend a funeral?
In most cases a funeral service is open to anyone, unless the family requests a private ceremony.

Q. What should I wear to funeral service? 
A.  Black is not required, but you should dress in a way to show respect to the family and other mourners. 

Q. How do I obtain a Death Certificate? 
A. The funeral home can provide the executor/estate administrator/legal next of kin with copies of the Funeral Directors Proof of Death Certificates.   An official Certificate of Death can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar General for a fee.

Q. Can anyone other than a Coroner request an autopsy? 
A. Yes. There are times when the attending physician may ask permission to perform an autopsy or the family may request an autopsy be performed. In these instances, the written consent of the family is required before an autopsy can take place. Autopsies sometimes delay the visitation period for families, but do not necessarily affect the choice of an open casket. There is a cost to the family if they request the autopsy.

Q. How do I make an online condolence?
A. You can click on the link at the bottom of an obituary on the website, or click on the online condolences link in the side menu.

Q. How do I view online condolences?
A. Due to privacy concerns, online condolences are not viewable from our website.  All online condolences are sent to the Blake Funeral Chapel email, and are printed off and given to the family.


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